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Dr. Char Dennis, a renowned fashion industry expert and founder of 1KMEG PR, has recently launched a cutting-edge fashion podcast called “MY Style Live.” This podcast serves as an all-encompassing platform for fashionistas and industry gatekeepers alike to delve into various topics ranging from fashion and business to healthcare, music, and culture. With its first episode airing on April 18, 2020, this podcast has already gained a significant following, featuring six enlightening episodes to date. 

In the introductory episode, Dr. Char Dennis, who holds an MBA, shared her diverse apparel inspirations, style advice, and makeup tutorials. Another introduction episode explores further captivating subjects from elite fashion, business, and music. However, the podcast’s real strength lies in its ability to tackle pressing issues, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the episode titled “Reality of the Corona Pandemic,” which aired on May 9, 2020, Dr. K. Dennis, MD, PharmD, joined the discussion to analyze various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest episode, titled “The Music Industry and COVID-19’s Impact on Concert Touring,” features Alan Floyd, the head of global touring operations for Beyoncé and the owner of MaddSoul Music Inc. Alan provides a unique perspective as a global tour manager navigating the industry’s challenges. He discusses the pandemic’s repercussions on the music industry, particularly concert touring, and how the industry is adapting to the current challenges. Alan Floyd, who is also recognized as the son of the legendary singer-songwriter Eddie Floyd, known for the hit “Knock on Wood,” offers a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject.

Listeners can tune in to these thought-provoking discussions at and stay informed on how the fashion and music industries are evolving amid the challenges of contemporary times. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or simply a fashion enthusiast, MY Style Live is the perfect podcast to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the fashion and music world.

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Dr. Char Dennis has become a popular name in the world of podcasts with “MY Style Live,” a show that has quickly become a must-listen for those interested in fashion, business, music, and pop culture. Her podcasts have received rave reviews, with one listener particularly appreciating her interview with Dr. K. Dennis about COVID-19, which was informative and shed light on the origins of the virus’s name. Char’s listeners commend her for providing “useful information in these times” and for bringing clarity to important topics (The New York Headlines)​.

As the founder of 1KMEG PR, a company she started in 2006, Char has brought her expertise in business consulting and public relations to the podcast. 1KMEG PR, a boutique agency that specializes in ultra-luxury brand influencers and high-net-worth clients, helps establish strategic partnerships with prominent brands in Nashville, California, and Atlanta. They are experts in experiential marketing, online advertising, and business planning, providing entrepreneurs and clients with innovative strategies that can help them thrive in their respective fields (MY STYLE LIVE)​.

My Style Live Podcast on Apple and Spotify
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My Style Live Podcast on Apple and Spotify
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The Music Industry and COVID-19’s impact on concert touring.

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