Dr. Char Dennis’s latest episode, “Navigating the Globe in 2024,” invites listeners to explore travel trends, safety tips, and cultural adaptability in a rapidly changing world. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone new to international exploration, this episode offers expert insights into the evolving landscape of global travel, helping you navigate post-pandemic challenges and opportunities.

Why You Should Tune In

  1. Practical Travel Tips: Learn essential strategies for planning trips in an increasingly interconnected yet uncertain world.
  2. Expert Guests: Hear from thought leaders and travel industry experts who provide firsthand insights into the latest travel trends.
  3. Comprehensive Guidance: From understanding new safety protocols to immersing yourself in different cultures, this episode provides comprehensive advice to make your journey fulfilling.

Marketing and Advertising Pitch

“MY Style Live,” hosted by Dr. Char Dennis, MBA, provides a unique opportunity for brands seeking to connect with a discerning audience. By sponsoring or advertising with “MY Style Live,” you reach listeners deeply invested in fashion, business, music, and culture.

  • Creative Collaborations: Work with Dr. Char Dennis to create personalized ads that reflect your brand’s message.
  • Targeted Exposure: Engage with a niche audience that aligns with your business goals.

Support and Share

To support the show, retweet and repost mystylelive.org and follow along with Dr. Char Dennis on social media. Your engagement helps grow this vibrant community of like-minded listeners who share your passion for business and creativity.

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Why Listen to “MY Style Live”?

Dr. Char Dennis’s “My Style Live” is more than just a podcast; it’s a cultural and intellectual experience that provides thought-provoking insights across fashion, business, music, and healthcare. Founded by Dr. Char Dennis, the visionary behind 1KMEG PR, this podcast has quickly become an essential resource for anyone interested in the ever-evolving landscape of these dynamic industries.

The podcast is thoughtfully curated to cover a range of compelling topics relevant to listeners:

  1. Diverse Episodes: From fashion trends and business strategy to navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, “MY Style Live” brings together experts and thought leaders who offer unique perspectives.
  2. Expert Insights: Dr. Char Dennis draws on her expertise as a seasoned PR professional and entrepreneur to provide listeners with actionable advice.
  3. Real-World Impact: Each episode goes beyond abstract theory, featuring case studies, interviews, and in-depth conversations to help listeners understand and implement strategies in their own lives.

Top Episodes to Start With

  • “Reality of the Corona Pandemic”: Dr. K. Dennis, MD, PharmD, provides a medical perspective on COVID-19 and its implications.
  • “The Music Industry and COVID-19’s Impact on Concert Touring”: Alan Floyd, Head of Global Touring Operations for Beyoncé, discusses how the pandemic has disrupted concert touring.
  • “Unlocking Social Media Success 2024 Edition”: Learn strategic content creation and engagement to boost your digital footprint.

For Sponsors

If you’re a brand or business seeking to connect with a sophisticated audience interested in fashion, music, business, and culture, “MY Style Live” offers a prime sponsorship opportunity:

  1. Targeted Reach: Engage listeners who are decision-makers, influencers, and aspirational consumers.
  2. Multi-Channel Visibility: Sponsorships offer exposure through audio ads, social media shoutouts, and mentions on the podcast website.
  3. Collaborative Creativity: Work with Dr. Char Dennis and her team to craft personalized ad placements that align with your brand identity.

How to Get Involved

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Whether you’re an aspiring listener or a sponsor seeking to elevate your brand, check out mystylelive.org for more information on episodes, reviews, and sponsorship details.

With “My Style Live,” you’ll not only stay updated on today’s trends and challenges but also gain insights that will elevate your approach to business and creativity.

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If you’re considering adding a blog to your site, you’ll want to have a plan beforehand. Planning your blog will help your subject matter remain consistent over time. It’ll also help you determine whether or not there’s enough material to maintain a steady stream of posts.

One pitfall many new bloggers run into is starting a blog that isn’t posted to frequently enough. A shortage of recent posts can give your visitors a bad impression of your business. One may think “I wonder if they’re still in business” or “they may want to hire a writer.”

A blog, like any other customer facing aspect of your business, communicates your brand. If it isn’t maintained and given proper attention, people will notice. Post regularly and keep your content fresh. Give your audience a reason to visit often.

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Categories and Tags


If you write about a variety of subjects, categories can help your readers find the posts that are most relevant to them. For instance, if you run a consulting business, you may want some of your posts to reflect work you’ve done with previous clients, while having other posts act as informational resources. In this particular case, you can set up 2 categories: one labeled Projects and another labeled Resources. You’d then place your posts in their respective categories.

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Blogging 101

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If you’re new to WordPress you may be wondering what’s the big deal behind Pages and Posts. At first glance they appear to be one and the same: if you were to create either a new page or a new post you’d be presented with nearly identical interfaces and in many cases the public appearance of pages and posts will look the same.

Don’t let this fool you. There’s a very fundamental difference between the two and that difference is what makes CMSs, like WordPress, great platforms for integrating blogs with traditional websites.


Think about the kind of pages that make up a typical website. Most often you’ll see pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Services”, “Contact Us”, etc. Within WordPress these are often treated as Pages; documents that have no particular regard for the time they were posted.

For example, when you visit the “About Us” page of your favorite company’s website you don’t expect the content to be very different from what was available there a week ago.

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