Video editing is an absolute necessity in the post-production stage of video creation. And in times like these, the techniques of video editing are changing by the day. You have to read the news every morning and watch new examples to see how far the industry has advanced.

A new must-use tool for video editing is released just about every year. And new extensions come along even more often. To stay on track, you must learn using every single one of them like a pro.

And the hardware. With every new tool in the market, you need even more powerful processors, video cards, monitors with higher resolution, and so on. When you’re producing videos for one company, you don’t always afford all of this equipment combined with the software and the time required to learn making the best of what you have.

But at a professional full-scale production studio, everything is already done for you. To meet the demands of hundreds of clients, we’re running on this track like athletes. There’s a new tool in the market? We’ve already tested it. There’s a better professional? We’ve either hired them or excelled in all the skills they have. There’s truly nothing that Viddex Films can’t compete with.

Keeping a hand on the pulse of the time makes us aware of our own mistakes and shortcoming. And wise are they who learn from their mistakes on spot.

Having dealt with our own problems gives us the experience to solve our clients’ problems instantly and avoid creating new ones for them.

So, have you already chosen a company to solve all of your post-production issues? Not yet? Then rest assured that you can always trust us. Every department of Viddex Films specializes in one particular stage of video production, and post-production with all the peculiarities of video editing is one of them.

In the market of video production professionals, the competition is always insane. We have to headhunt the best professionals from all around the world and give them the best we can to deliver a perfect final product to you.

But is finding a highly-skilled professional enough, you’d probably ask? No. Never. Hard skills are a huge part of becoming our chosen candidate. But what we appreciate more is the ability to learn every new technique in the world and apply those techniques to make our clients’ most creative ideas a reality.

And truly, you can have all the degrees in the world. But most of what you’ve learned during those years gets outdated within a couple of years. The foundation remains useful, of course, but with the technological advancements, you have to take new courses and learn new skills almost every day.

So that’s the number one criterion for getting hired at Viddex Films: stay up to date with the industry news and constantly learn new skills.

The next super-important skill is creative thinking. We strongly believe that one can always learn to think creatively. It’s both a talent and a trainable skill. But you should keep it trained like a muscle.

Now, if you have the drive to learn something new every day, and are training your creative muscles hour by hour, it’s time to check for the other important skills.

Negotiation is a crucial skill in our industry. Everyone has their demands and expectations, but only you as an expert can tell what’s possible and what is to be expected, as well as estimate the time and expenses required. You should set clear expectations but also realize when the limits of possible are to be stretched.

And then come all the hard and soft skills that you have. Of course, knowing your craft like a pro is out of the question. But aside from it, you should also have strong interpersonal skills, as a toxic environment is the last thing that we can tolerate at Viddex Films; it equals to unprofessional approach here.


Creating a life-changing video product is an art in and of itself. But when you divide the process between the professionals who are responsible for various parts, there comes a clear distinction between artists and craftsmen.

However, at Viddex Films, we expect all our employees to be proficient both in their arts and crafts.

Why artists must also master crafts

Think of the greatest artists and musicians of all times. Most of them were inventors. They were inventing new painting techniques, new instruments, and materials for their masterpieces. The most creative idea is nothing without a super smooth execution. We can all sit down and brainstorm all day every day and generate the most brilliant idea. But who’s to execute it? Is the idea possible to make real in terms of physics and modern technology? A great artist knows it very well. At least, they know how to find someone to help with the technicalities of execution.

Why craftsmen must also be artists

For decades, cameramen were considered pure craftsmen and technicians, and all the artistic part was left to directors. But not anymore. Now every person involved in video production becomes an artist at some point. After all, it’s a creative art, and every aspect of it is one’s creation. A video production crew is like an orchestra: sure, there’s a conductor and lead musicians, but there’s also a huge staff making the music sound as it’s intended to sound.

And think about the exquisite frames created for many masterpieces. Can you call that a craft? No, that’s pure art. And so are casting, video editing, soundcheck, and every other part of video production.

At Viddex Films, every employee masters both the art and craft of filmmaking. That’s what guarantees the highest quality of every single piece we produce.

This January, we’ve finally released our full collection created for our long-term partner Arsenic media. It’s a set of 9 short documentaries produces within 7 years of cooperation. Each of documentaries is a social ad directed to a different issue that our society faces.

Now, here’s what makes this collection so special. This is the first project in its kind where you can play all 9 components of it in any given order, and you’ll get a full movie with a complete plot.

Just picture this: you can select any of the films, all of them or just a few, play them in random order and see a complete movie. Then play in another order and see an absolutely different movie. The trick is the beginning and the ending of each of these 9 films.

They all have their independent plots but also have some common plotlines that help the viewer create a new movie by playing them in whatever order they want.

The separate ads are already widely known to the public but it’s the first experiment like this when a viewer creates a new reality for the film in this way. The focus group was thrilled so far by watching it. They have played all the films in five different orders each, and it was a new movie every single time. Depending on the sequence, the movie becomes depressing, reassuring, motivating, and whatnot.

A new contract with a leading streaming company is coming up and makes it possible for everyone to watch the movie in the order they want. There’s also an “autoplay” option for those who find it hard to arrange it. The most popular versions by viewers’ votes will be presented as individual movies and screened in cinemas.

This is an exciting news both for Viddex Films and for Arsenic Media and a turning point in the history of cinema.