Creating a life-changing video product is an art in and of itself. But when you divide the process between the professionals who are responsible for various parts, there comes a clear distinction between artists and craftsmen.

However, at Viddex Films, we expect all our employees to be proficient both in their arts and crafts.

Why artists must also master crafts

Think of the greatest artists and musicians of all times. Most of them were inventors. They were inventing new painting techniques, new instruments, and materials for their masterpieces. The most creative idea is nothing without a super smooth execution. We can all sit down and brainstorm all day every day and generate the most brilliant idea. But who’s to execute it? Is the idea possible to make real in terms of physics and modern technology? A great artist knows it very well. At least, they know how to find someone to help with the technicalities of execution.

Why craftsmen must also be artists

For decades, cameramen were considered pure craftsmen and technicians, and all the artistic part was left to directors. But not anymore. Now every person involved in video production becomes an artist at some point. After all, it’s a creative art, and every aspect of it is one’s creation. A video production crew is like an orchestra: sure, there’s a conductor and lead musicians, but there’s also a huge staff making the music sound as it’s intended to sound.

And think about the exquisite frames created for many masterpieces. Can you call that a craft? No, that’s pure art. And so are casting, video editing, soundcheck, and every other part of video production.

At Viddex Films, every employee masters both the art and craft of filmmaking. That’s what guarantees the highest quality of every single piece we produce.

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