In the market of video production professionals, the competition is always insane. We have to headhunt the best professionals from all around the world and give them the best we can to deliver a perfect final product to you.

But is finding a highly-skilled professional enough, you’d probably ask? No. Never. Hard skills are a huge part of becoming our chosen candidate. But what we appreciate more is the ability to learn every new technique in the world and apply those techniques to make our clients’ most creative ideas a reality.

And truly, you can have all the degrees in the world. But most of what you’ve learned during those years gets outdated within a couple of years. The foundation remains useful, of course, but with the technological advancements, you have to take new courses and learn new skills almost every day.

So that’s the number one criterion for getting hired at Viddex Films: stay up to date with the industry news and constantly learn new skills.

The next super-important skill is creative thinking. We strongly believe that one can always learn to think creatively. It’s both a talent and a trainable skill. But you should keep it trained like a muscle.

Now, if you have the drive to learn something new every day, and are training your creative muscles hour by hour, it’s time to check for the other important skills.

Negotiation is a crucial skill in our industry. Everyone has their demands and expectations, but only you as an expert can tell what’s possible and what is to be expected, as well as estimate the time and expenses required. You should set clear expectations but also realize when the limits of possible are to be stretched.

And then come all the hard and soft skills that you have. Of course, knowing your craft like a pro is out of the question. But aside from it, you should also have strong interpersonal skills, as a toxic environment is the last thing that we can tolerate at Viddex Films; it equals to unprofessional approach here.


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