January 10, 2017 – 100 Former NFL Players, including Pro Football Hall of Famers, will take part in an Efficacy and Safety Study of Pro-IV’s Anti-Opioid & Anti-Steroid Chronic Pain dripfusion.

Preliminary data to be released at a press conference Wednesday, February 1, 2017, in Houston, Texas, which is the host city for the Super Bowl. PRO-IV Chronic Pain DripFusion Therapy is the FIRST EVER, IV driven anti-opioid, anti-steroid, minimally invasive therapy utilizing Micronutrients to remove Inflammation in addition to using an algorithm of FDA approved pharmaceuticals.

DripFusion’s mission is to help consumers maximize their long neglected mineral replacement and enhancement while also providing patient-specific customization. Equally important, DFC infusion packages afford providers with peace of mind knowing that they have a solution to infuse the body with minerals and medicines for pre and post procedure care.

Dr. Kevin Jackson MD, a Chicago-based Board Certified Neurosurgeon, is Principle Investigator for the Pro-IV’s Anti-Opioid and Anti-Steroid Chronic Pain Study. Trained by Pediatric Neurosurgeon and newly appointed Secretary of Housing and Development, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Jackson is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

Dr. Jackson, along with DripFusion Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin Wiltz PharmD, PRS has been nominated to serve on a team of experts leading the National Pain Study as part of a Public/Private physician group. PRO-IV CO-Founder, former NFL Pro & NFL Network Analyst Jamie Dukes says, “I have invested a considerable amount of my life’s worth, both financially and more importantly, relationally because we believe we are doing what is right and we will treat as many players for free as our limited resources will allow.”

PRO-IV is led by former NFL GM, Ray Farmer who has been recognized for his innovation in the area of player safety while in front office management for over a decade. Dukes and Farmer are joined by several notable teammates, supporters, and advocates of PRO-IV Infusion Therapy, including, Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, NFL All-Pros Ray Lewis, Deangelo Hall & Randy Cross as well as Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg, to name a few.

As part of the Dripanalytics strategy, Pro-IV will also study former Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association players. For more information about the study, contact foxx@foxxentgroupinc.com http://www.pro-ivsports.com/

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