This January, we’ve finally released our full collection created for our long-term partner Arsenic media. It’s a set of 9 short documentaries produces within 7 years of cooperation. Each of documentaries is a social ad directed to a different issue that our society faces.

Now, here’s what makes this collection so special. This is the first project in its kind where you can play all 9 components of it in any given order, and you’ll get a full movie with a complete plot.

Just picture this: you can select any of the films, all of them or just a few, play them in random order and see a complete movie. Then play in another order and see an absolutely different movie. The trick is the beginning and the ending of each of these 9 films.

They all have their independent plots but also have some common plotlines that help the viewer create a new movie by playing them in whatever order they want.

The separate ads are already widely known to the public but it’s the first experiment like this when a viewer creates a new reality for the film in this way. The focus group was thrilled so far by watching it. They have played all the films in five different orders each, and it was a new movie every single time. Depending on the sequence, the movie becomes depressing, reassuring, motivating, and whatnot.

A new contract with a leading streaming company is coming up and makes it possible for everyone to watch the movie in the order they want. There’s also an “autoplay” option for those who find it hard to arrange it. The most popular versions by viewers’ votes will be presented as individual movies and screened in cinemas.

This is an exciting news both for Viddex Films and for Arsenic Media and a turning point in the history of cinema.


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