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CECE WINANS is a Gospel legend and chart-topping icon. Her music and ministry have been loved by her followers from her first performance. Now with her newest release, Let Them Fall in Love, Super Bowl Gospel welcomes her to the celebration live taping February 3. Tickets Ticketmaster Ticket Servant BET broadcast February 5 #superbowlgospel #SBGC2017 #NFL Lakewood Church

Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Lakewood Promo (John Gray, Chris Clark & Devin Still)
Pastor John Gray shares some
Behind the Helmet time with some of your favorite players during the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. Shout out to these faithwalkers on the field. #NFL #SBGC2017 #lakewoodchurch John Gray World

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Char Dennis
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Nashville, TN – 10, 20 2016 – The DRIPFUSION INSTITUTE has hired the public relations services of Char Knight-Dennis, CEO and founder of 1KNIGHT MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP.

The DRIPFUSION INSTITUTE has hired the public relations services of Char Knight-Dennis, CEO and founder of 1KNIGHT MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. 1KMEG will be responsible for advancing the mission of THE DRIPFUSION INSTITUTE. THE DRIPFUSION INSTITUTE is a design, science, technology and distribution company that merges evidence-based science and medicine with clinical researchers to study traumatic brain related injuries and treatments. DRIPFUSION partnerships include pro athletes, sports executives, sports agencies, entertainers and physicians that are in unison to advocate for better treatments for traumatic brain injuries. The DripFusion Institute, “has developed a new and innovative way of treating brain trauma,”…states Dr. Jarrod Huey, an award-winning Anesthesiologist who is a founding member. The DripFusion Institute seeks to utilize its consortium of clinical experts to create therapies that will treat the long-term effects of brain insults such as Concussion (CTE). In line with the DripFusion mission of research, the NFL recently pledged $100 million dollars to player safety in the form of technology and medical research. Of recent, elite athletes such (Auburn Alum) Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers have suffered head injury leading to a loss of playing time under concussion safety protocols. The DRIPFUSION INSTITUTE seeks to provide a science-based approach to recovery and prevention of concussion-related symptoms. Concussions are a part of every life but are more commonly seen in youth contact sports. Youth athletes are at the highest risk for long-term related illness in that the young brain is still in its development. Prevention is key along with education programs that provide a longitudinal approach to concussion awareness. The DripFusion Institute will host Concussion Education Summits and develop community partnerships to strategically target those youth at highest risk for concussion injuries. The formation of community partnerships will allow youth programs to record evidence of injury and share with national concussion prevention centers such as the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Notable founding members of the DripFusion Institute include Ray Farmer, a former American pro football player and former general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Jamie Dukes, a former American pro football player, and NFL Network analyst has been a principal advocate and co- founder. Other key members include Ray Lewis, a former pro football player,(13) Pro Bowl and SuperBowl MVP sports analyst, and Deion Sanders, a Pro Football Hall of Fame member and former American pro football and baseball player, NFL Network and CBS analyst.

1KMEG was founded in 2006 by Char Knight-Dennis, who has 12 years of experience creating successful campaigns. Together with its clients, 1KMEG creates and delivers strategic partnerships and solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. Follow 1kMEG on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and information about this announcement. For more information on 1KMEG, please visit

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Char Dennis 1KMEG
Char Dennis 1KMEG